Poems about Friends

To My Friend (Ann-Marie)

What can I do?
What can I say?
To help ease your pain
Even if for a day?

My heart cries for you
My mind tries to sort
The facts into reality
The pain of life I court

I want to tell you
That I really care
And all your problems
I’d gladly share

If you need a shoulder
Or someone to talk
There always me
I won’t balk

I’m terribly muddled
About what to do
So I wrote this poem
From me to you

A Thief of Thoughts
Digging through your mind
Asking questions about your past
Seeming to be kind

A Thief of Thoughts
Rifling through your feelings
Taking notes from your reactions
Interrogation: A bite that stings

A Thief of Thoughts
Sorting out your conceptions
Keeping them as their own
Ideas and perceptions


Upon Hearing of Andrea’s Death

She lived with a light
Not darkened by night
She did what she pleased
Though her marrow was diseased

The dance she planned
Went off with a great band
Unselfishly she did slave
For us all and the knave

Her smiles always cheerful
Never was she tearful
So brave and so strong
Knowing she wouldn’t last long

She fought for her life
Without giving in to stifle
In her, beat a heart stout
Ne’er did she turn a friend out

A top notch student she was
Living on a natural buzz
Curse the powers that be
For taking one such as she


An attempt at songwriting

Cry One For Me (Summer 85)

My old friends, I see all of you
Sitting around an oaken table
Despite your eyes, you can’t see me
Just like in the old fable

The photos of the past lie scattered
Across the solid table’s top
Each one a memory of a time
When we were young, filled with bebop

Cry one for me when you cry
Cry over the times past
The one living in memory only
Cry one for me

Remember all the fun we had
laughing at the stupidest jokes
Pulling all those crazy stunts
And our understanding folks

Remember all the songs we sang
We never could keep the tune
And dancing to the latest hit
Why did it have to end to soon?

Cry one for me when you cry
You can cry over the times past
But cry one for me
The one living only in your memories

Remember all the trouble we got into
But always squirming off the hook
Remember all the things we started
We were going to write the book

Remember our cross country trip
We must have walked twenty miles
Despite the curses and blistered feet
We finished with great big smiles

So cry one for me when you cry
Smile one for me when you smile
But, please cry one for me
You know how I hated to be left out



About Nina

Nina Tryggvason is a Greater Vancouver Regional District, British Columbia, Canada area blog writer who focuses on Naturalism and social justice: As we sow, so shall we harvest.
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